Service design

Our design team works with a clear objective:
to create both functionally and visually optimal interfaces.

An experience from beginning to end

We turn concepts into experiences

We create the experience by transforming complex concepts into simple processes, focusing on a global project vision involving both business and users.

To achieve this, we work on all UX and UI processes necessary to obtain total control over the interaction, browsing flow and final user experience.

UX Research

UX Conceptualization

UI Design

User test

Workflows and conceptual maps

of processes

The challenge of landing all possible pathways

To achieve the optimal experience, we first have to take into account all the steps and cases the user may find when browsing the application. At Movetia we break them down and shape them into conceptual maps and visual workflows.

We are the answer that gives more value to your project

We work side by side with our customers in their digital strategy, helping them win the world’s major innovation awards


Structure and definition

To offer the user a complete experience, we have a work process that allows us to define the application as optimally as possible.

Look & Feel

UI Design
and interaction

Through design, we create a very fluid and streamlined interaction between the user and the device. We work to break down the human-machine barriers by creating an intuitive, simple and attractive interface.

Scalable and homogeneous designs

Custom style guides

Guarantee the brand's continuity

We work with style guides in web format with which we simplify the scalability and evolution of digital products, defining all the foundations and components, and guaranteeing homogeneity and consistency between screens.

We optimize work processes

Moreover, with this tool we create new and better work processes that allow us to be more agile, to introduce Web Accessibility Content Guidelines (A, AA, AAA) and establish specifications for all devices. uses cookies in order to offer you a better user experience.

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