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We make our customers’ ideas come true.

We reinvent ourselves

We are part of the digital transformation that promotes the latest innovations in the Fintech sector

Leaders in the sector

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We are part of the digital transformation of the main entities in the sector at a national level

Digital transformation is causing changes in the Fintech sector that force companies to adapt to the new needs of their customers. In Movetia we know the latest trends and technologies that allow us to support our customers in their growth and development processes.


Bizum integration

Bizum is an instant, easy and secure method of payment. With Bizum you can pay your friends and buy in shops and online stores with your mobile phone.

Pagos contactless

Contactless payments

At Movetia we take full advantage of wireless technology so that users can forget about their wallets and pay directly with their mobile phone in a secure and convenient way.

Sistemas Pay

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay

We are experts in mobile payment platforms. We support our customers in the integration of most mobile payment platforms in their applications.

Asistentes virtuales

Virtual assistants and chatbots

The rise of virtual assistants is making it possible to integrate automatic functionalities and to do tasks with minimal interaction between the user and the machine. At Movetia we are pioneers in the integration of virtual assistants that can add value to an application, distinguishing it from the rest on the market.



At Movetia we work with agile methodologies that allow use to adapt our developments to the changing conditions of the sector or market in order to provide our customers with a competitive advantage

In a project development with agile methodologies the project is planned in separate temporal blocks called sprints. Sprints can be understood as miniprojects that must provide a complete result that the customer can start using. One way of structuring the project into iterations is to divide it into goals expressed as User Stories. Each User Story is a requirement and, therefore, a set of User Stories is worked with in each Sprint.





Solid and scalable solutions

Appropriate architectural definition has a direct impact on the reduction of costs and deadlines for maintenance tasks. Movetia's reference architecture has been proven to be a facilitator for the development of mobile applications that allows us to produce high-quality scalable solutions.

Experts in

The priorities in our solutions are quality and security

Protection against static analysis

Protection against dynamic analysis

Protection during interaction

At Movetia we carry out our projects focusing on security and privacy from the outset. We are experts in the integration of code obfuscation and security tools in mobile applications.

We have a quality team specialized in automatic processes that participates in all the phases of development to ensure that our solutions are solid and easy to maintain and test.