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Payments between smartphones | Movetia

Payments between smartphones

You don’t need to know the account number of a person to send money anymore. Now it’s enough with their mobile number.

Log Bizum

"If you have a mobile phone on you, you have money on you"

Bizum is an instant, easy and secure payment method. With it you can pay your friends, buy in shops and online stores. In Movetia we have a great experience working with financial entities, so we incorporate the latest payment technologies in the applications we develop.

Pago entre móviles

Payments between mobiles

Compra online

Shopping online

Pago en comercios

Payments in stores

Flecha doble

How does it work?

Paso 1

You only have to introduce your friend’s mobile number or choose him from your contact list and choose the amount.

Paso 2

Bizum will take care of the rest. The funds will be transferred from one bank account to another in an instant.

Union makes force

Bizum has the support of Spain’s main financial institutions to offer a service without borders.

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